Justin’s Beach House

20130808-061610.jpgJustin’s Beach House is a respite home for families with cancer. Offering time away from doctors and hospitals, Justin’s Beach House is a place for the family to relax and unwind in beautiful Bethany Beach.

The Jeff Baxter Mortgage Team donates $100 for every loan we close to Justin’s Beach House  and we are a founding member of the Mortgage of the Month (MOM) Club which began in January, 2014 and runs through December of 2015.  The goal of the MOM is to receive 21 donations of $2,000 each to help pay down the mortgage on the beach house.  Commitments of $2,000 will meet the foundation’s mortgage requirements and will allow them to apply other non-committed funds to pay down the principal on the mortgage on Justin’s Beach House.

Here is an article in the Coastal Point about MOM:  CLICK HERE


Please join me in supporting Justin’s Beach House and the Mortgage of the Month Club.

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